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Return to Play After Musculoskeletal Injury: A Six-Step Process

Most common sport-related musculoskelatal injuries, such as a sprained ankle, or moderate to severe ligament or muscle strain, can be treated by your child's primary care physician, who can help you decide if a referral to a sports medicine specialist, such as an orthopedist, is required, or by the team's athletic trainer.

But, regardless of severity, recovery is a six-step process:


Strict Rest After Concussion May Not Speed Recovery, New Study Finds

Strict physical and cognitive rest in the five days immediately after concussion does not help teens recover more quickly than taking it easy for one to two days after injury and then returning to school, finds a new study. (Thomas, 2015)  

The mainstay of concussion management for children and teens is both cognitive and physical rest after injury followed by a gradual, symptom-limited, return to activity. (Meehan, 2015).  As several medical groups (McCrory, 2013; Halstead, 2010; Giza 2013) have noted, however, the evidence on which the recommendation for rest is based is sparse, due, in part, to the difficult nature of quantifying and tracking levels of physical and, particularly, cognitive activity.


Illinois Concussion Class Action Lawsuit: More Questions Than Answers

Bukal v. Illinois High School Ass'n, the much-publicized Illinois high school concussion lawsuit, appears to be the next step in Chicago attorney Joe Siprut's campaign to use class action settlements to implement changes to high school and college football concussion policies.


Concussion Education: Athletes and Parents Still Not Getting Nearly Enough

There is good news and bad news in a first-of-its-kind study about implementation of the nation's first youth sports concussion safety legislation.

The good news is that football and soccer coaches at public high schools in Washington State nearly all reported completing the required concussion education annually, concussion knowledge among coaches was high, and nearly all reported being somewhat comfortable or very comfortable in deciding whether an athlete needed an additional evaluation for a suspected concussion.


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