MomsTeam Videos

Tamara C. Valovich McLeod, Ph.D., ATC, FNATA, Chair of the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program at A.T. Still University, provides an overview of the SmartTeams program, which implemented best youth sports health and safety practices in six pilot programs around the country in the fall of 2014.

In a fact-filled and informative SmartTeams Talk™, Tracey Covassin, Ph.D., ATC, Associate Professor of Undergraduate Athletic Training and Program Director at Michigan State University, reviews the research finding differences in concussion risk and outcomes between female and male athletes, and says one of the goals of MomsTEAM's SmartTeams™ program is to increase concussion reporting is to... more

A practicing sports concussion neuropsychologist and leading researcher, Dr. Rosemarie Moser, explains in an important SmartTeams Talk why it is so important for student-athletes to get cognitive rest after a concussion, what cognitive rest means, and why she urges athletes to "love their brain, love their sport" by delaying a return to sports for around 3 weeks after their concussion symptoms... more

In an inspiring and thought-provoking SmartTeams Talk, Coach for America founder and former NFL player, Joe Ehrmann, offers four specific ways coaches can use their unique position in a society in which sports is our "secular religion" to transform the lives of their players and reclaim sports' educational, social and ethical role, first, by seeing sports as a co-curricular, not extra-... more

University of Tennessee sports dietitian, Allison Maurer, RD, views nutrition as one of the missing links in injury prevention, thinks the message about sports nutrition needs to be changed to "food is fuel," and urges an increased presence of nutritionists at the high school level.

In a wide-ranging SmartTeams™ Talk, Dr. Jim MacDonald, a clinical professor at Ohio State and pediatric sports medicine specialist at Nationwide Children's Hospital, urges the adoption of a comprehensive approach to preventing youth sports injuries based on three proven public health strategies: (1)  working to change individual behavior, such as "thinking like Sweden" in setting as a goal... more

The power of the permit is the acknowledged legal authority of local governments to set reasonable terms and conditions under which private applicants may use public property, including public athletic facilities. That power, argues University of Missouri Law Professor, Doug Abrams, in a SmartTeamsTM Talk, should be used by local government agencies to enhance reasonable concussion protection... more

Best-selling author and parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman provides concrete advice to youth sports parents and coaches on how they can help nourish and maintain the relationship youth athletes have with adults.

For parents, Wiseman advises them to:

  1. make "values declarations" and speak truth to power when they hear kids bully or tell racist or homophobic jokes;
  2. ... more

In a wide-ranging, provocative, and, at times, spiritual SmartTeams™ Talk, Brian Hainline, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, discusses two major NCAA-funded research studies on sport-related concussions and the organization's efforts to address... more