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Douglas J. Casa, Ph.D., ATC of the University of Connecticut and Korey Stringer Institute argues that youth sports safety policies need to be developed and implemented by sports medicine professionals, not athletic administrators, notes that the level of risk of catastrophic sports injury unfortunately depends largely on how a state athletic association responds to the death of athletes in... more

As tragic as was the 2001 death in a high school football game from Second Impact Syndrome of his 17-year-old nephew Matthew, says Deron Colby, it was a game-changer: not only did it inspire MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench to launch a pioneering youth sports concussion center and to dedicate her PBS documentary, "The Smartest Team", to Matthew, but it eventually led to the creation of... more

Toben Nelson, ScD, Associate Professor in the School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology & Community Health at the University of Minnesota says the food environment in youth sports undermines its health benefits and offers ways to improve it.

Donald Collins, JD, Commissioner of Athletics, California Interscholastic Federation, San Francisco Section, discusses the role of sports officials in youth sports safety. 

A 58 min documentary that provides real-life solutions to the football concussion crisis at the youth and high school level by chronicling how one high school football team in Oklahoma allowed youth sports concussion education pioneer Brooke de Lench and a team of professionals to help it implement a concussion risk management program called the... more